Choosing the Right Wine

Every celebration requires a particular type of wine. However, not all wines are perfect for every celebration. Also, there are certain wines that are ideal for certain foods. If it is your first time to buy a wine then it is very important that you should know the basics. Wines can be an excellent gift for your loved ones. If you are hosting a party then it is essential that you have to plan ahead of time. Particularly on what menu you will be having. In this way, you can choose the right wine. Some wines are a great match for specific foods. Choose the right wine carefully in order to prevent any mismatch. Especially if you are anticipating wine lovers.

Essentially, red wines are a perfect match for red meat. Similarly, white wines are ideal for white meat. However, nowadays, this isn’t how it’s supposed to be. You can choose to serve white wines along with red meat. Consequently, red wines can also be served along with the white meat.

White Wines

White wines should be served prior to the main course. This is because it is lighter compared to red wines. Also, it will not intervene with the taste of your food since it has a lighter taste. During parties, it’s best to serve white wines earlier.

Chardonnay is a perfect choice if you are serving foods that include creamy sauces. Likewise, a Sauvignon Blanc can be an excellent match for shrimp and salads. A Champagne is a must for any celebrations that require a toast. For instance, during New Year’s Eve, anniversaries, weddings and more.

White wines have unique features. It has smooth taste and texture. White wines are crisp with a bit of acidic taste and freshness. There’s no sweetness. It has a unique vanilla taste. Sometimes you can feel its aged taste which comes right from the barrel.

Red Wines

Red Wines are commonly served along with the main course. Merlot is a great wine to serve for your guests. It is perfect when matched with lamb and pork. In case you are serving spicy foods then be sure to accompany it with Shiraz.

There are certain things that you need to consider when choosing red wines. Make sure that it has a well-balanced acidity. Having too little or too much acidity can intervene with the taste of your dishes. Examine also its tannin content. This will measure the bitterness of a red wine. Always ensure that it will not meddle on your taste buds. Since red wines are stronger compared to white wines, it’s best to match it with heavier meals.


If you are not an expert in wines then it’s best to get some advice from specialists. This is very handy especially when you are shopping for wines at Biltmore. People who are suffering from asthma should not drink white wines. Use glasses with big openings when serving red wines. On the contrary, use glasses with small openings when serving white wines. Serve red wines at room temperature and serve white wines directly from the fridge.