Some steps which a newborn photographer should undertake

Are you planning to make an entry into the domain of infant photographer Mumbai? If your answer is yes, then there are a series of steps that you need to undertake. The concept of newborn photography does come with a lot of surprises, but as far as infant photography Mumbai is concerned, each photographer will have his own style of doing things.

Lifestyle in comparison to pose and to be aware of the expectations of your clients

There are two types of newborn photography, posed and lifestyle. It is important to figure out on what your clients want you to do and there is no form of surprises after a session. The pose session should be done within two weeks of the birth of the baby when they are sleepy and moldable. The focus of these sessions is to make the babies look perfect in blankets or headgear.  Taking all the breaks into consideration, this session can last for four hours. The editing also takes more of time, as each image needs to go through Photoshop individually to avail a polished result.

The lifestyle sessions provide for a more casual approach towards the settings. A little bit of posing is allowed, but the onus is to capture natural images of the baby along with their home. It can be done till the baby is 6 weeks and the total duration of the session is one hour max. My favorite aspect of this type of photography is to capture the natural element between the family members. The kids are adorable, so the love is in the air. These are memories which the parents cherish for the rest of their life and for this reason this type of photography is important.

The famous baby photographer Mumbai, values both these type of styles, and they approach it as a posed session, but work on the breaks in between to get the lifestyle shots. The time for the breaks does not have to be wasted by you.

Preparation is important

If the session is undertaken at the home of the client, the preparation of the session can be compared to the same stature of a wedding. You may need a lot of stuff and chances are that you might also forget something in a hurry. To make things a wee bit easier, it is suggested that you prepare a checklist well in advance so that you do not forget anything.

As the sessions tend to last for close to 4 hours, I make it a point that I eat a lot before I go. Since it is bound to be warm I wear a cool set of clothes.

Educate your client

One of the vital traits of a great newborn photography session is to educate the client on what they can expect in a session and prepare for the same. Normally the best in the business send a list of preparation tips so that the mummy or daddy isprepared well before the sessions. Some moms feed the baby when the photographer unpacks and they are allowed to put the baby in a diaper so that the headache of dressing up the baby all over again is reduced. In addition to this, I also inform the parents on what I would be carrying along with me.